Chasing Sunset

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

You came from behind along with your brush strokes that I hardly find
I can never forget staring at you while making those diagonal lines
Is this a sign?
Seldom that we see each other face to face
But I’m still thinking if I can run the race
Again, should I run and chase this sunset or wait until the sunrise comes

Let my self put this to test if my feet is ready to curve new lines
I only have these words for you so these feeling would fly
Yes, you are beautiful and also those hands I admire
Your palette reflects who you are inside

Now I need to end, words already out of, I am
I’ll never hope, I’ll never wish you would be mine
Unless it will come from above Who made all things in time
Everything is worth the wait for those who wait to the One who gives

August Haunts

Little clouds moving fast
I feel the wind and it freaks my face
And so do I remember you
Everything that we have done
That month we’ve seen
The future
That you’ll left me alone

A good introduction for this post, it’s been a while again not writing. The reason I’m triggered to do this is I can’t come to that creative writing workshop and can’t come to the 35th anniversary of CCF. It’s my 3rd year there and again I will be at the peninsula where rain, sea and mountain meets.

One Year

It’ll be close to a year since I saw that heartbeat in that ultrasound monitor and both that heartbeat and it’s carrier, I lost both of them from a tragic event. Though something can haunt me like the good old memories, it still here and having this photographic like memory in my head, I just smile when I think of it. What about the pain? yes, still lingers but thank to God who comforts me and the peace that guards this wretched heart of mine. I’m doing well and it is well.


The passion that haunts me from the past, and still up today. So let’s just write things and kill this writing block. The day has been a good, cleaning things around from the office and attended B1G and knowing that Greek word “dianoigo” which means “to open” but not that kind of opening a tab of 2-piece soda can but it’s kind like opening a “vault”. Hard word? yes it hard.


I hope you enjoyed this short stuff, once in a blue moon if the comet strikes me and blown my mind, I think I will write something but writing block is just around the corner of Shaw Boulevard and Meralco Avenue. It chase me like eternity once I hit the keyboard and feel the serenity of being in-the-zone.

There are certain things that are certain but we humans are uncertain of it, that’s why the word trust and obey was created. If you want to know the reason why you need to obey, dont call it trust. It’s a collective bargaining agreement.

Inspire-Writer Markdown Editor Review


An Introduction

I’m a fan of Markdown editors and minimalist writing programs in Windows. I tried most of the known names around the web, some are free and some comes in a trial period and did purchase some of them when got on sale and when my pocket can cope on it.

This is my first review for a writing software and I’ll also make a review for the ones that I’ve purchase and used from the past when I have time to write again.

I’m now writing this is Inspire and having fun with it even though my laptop is not online. My writing process is: write in my laptop then do something to make it in my blog. Such an awful process, but I live on it and it’s fun. So here I go…


Inspire has the basic features of a Markdown editor which I mostly use for my unsung writing journey. I’m not a programmer and not also a full blown blogger who used the wild elements of Markdown. If you are familiar with Markdown, I’m hoping you know the basics of it, if not here’s a good website I’ve found to gain knowledge about it.

It can do or has the following features:

  • It has the Library and Sheet List which I really like compared to the other that I’ve purchased! (It’s like Evernote but in a minimalist way, no clutters in my eyes…only write and organize)
  • Light and Dark mode
  • Font customization and it has also some built-in fonts to choose from
  • Cloud Sync capabilities for Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive (which I can’t use as of now, my laptop is always offline)
  • Different export format and can export directly to WordPress. Just need the log-in details.
  • It’s fast! for my old school laptop (circa 2014) compare to other editors that consume all my memory and the letters don’t appear as I type on the keyboard.

As a writing and Markdown enthusiast, I can recommend this for all level of writers, whatever they write from blog post to novels to war documents. The simplicity of the software can give them endless writing moments. Though they can still use that big known writing software with the capital S but for me this one simplifies everything.


The downside of this writing software for me is the cost and the trial length. Though I can purchase it (I need sometime to save and budget for this) and also I hope they have more time in the trial version. I’m now writing on its 10-day trial version and I’m inspired to write this review while it last for a while in my laptop.

End Notes

It’s time to close the veil and put back everything in the box. I hope I will still find to write before the expiration date goes off and I hope also that my review helps and inspire you to test this writing software. In the end there is always a reason to write, even you used different programs but Inspire will inspire you to write more.