Burn Out

How funny it is when you start something and you hit the burn out button. Thinking it was a good idea but as I look it was not.

From my last post, I said I would start that new thing. Created an article and voila, I have nothing to write about it. I love the topic, read, listened and watch videos about “habits” but I am a slow learner. My brain is slow. I hate math (I’m an engineering graduate BTW)

So I’m here again, writing randomly. It’s more fun here.


A Change of Season, A Change of Reason

Summer is here

This would be my last post for this blog and I don’t have any plan to continue. I will not delete this blog until my brain explode!

There was a reason to write and I already found it. I’m happy, really happy. My past blog is about my personal development journey but because of my young age that time I can’t write something good.

So I started this blog and write but as time goes I can’t write the topic that I want to share and its off topic here.

Then I found it. Its here.

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin and Leo Babauta. I challenge myself for my next endeavor.

If you enjoyed my voice here I’m hoping to see you there. Though my new blog is about “Pinoy”, if you’re interested about Filipino culture and habits. You’re in the right place.

Thank you and God bless us all.


Finding Time…to Read


“I don’t have time”

Reading something worthwhile takes time and time is money, forget the gold.

And everyone likes to waste time scrolling, surfing and watching nonsense in their glowing screens.

I’m also a victim of that habit. It’s not cool.

How can you find time to read?

There are no secret about liking to read things with sense and nonsense. The key is you’re interested what you are reading and why you’re reading it. Then time will come, you’ll be a bookworm or an e-bookworm like people who love to smell the scent of a book, old and new.

Here are my two points about this thing:


Information reading is reading non-fiction stuffs like newspapers both offline and online, non-fiction books, self-help books, biographies, and the list can go on. I will not point here the social media. It’s a distraction, it’ll not give you something to focus on.

Information reading is research in a small scale. Example, you have a cancer and the doctor already tells you that you will die in the coming weeks. So you’ll go to the nearest library and grab books about cancer or search the web not social media, for any information. Reading this kind of books with a cup of coffee feels like forever.

Then you die. This is cool…

You will find time to read if you need information.


The other side of the road. Entertainment reading is reading fiction books, comics, everything that is not-reality at all. The purpose is reading to be entertain and sometimes to informed.

Known book series like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Twilight was an entertaining reading for those who love fictions, but for me I did my best, but the only fiction book I’ve finished is” Everything, Everything”. I also love the movie. I’m weird in selecting fictions.

You will find time to read if you want to be entertain.

What if?

“I’m LAZY in reading, I’ll just watch the movie, find it on YouTube.”

I wish you’ll be blind!

Reading stuff make us stronger and our vocabulary will widen. I don’t have any research to prove what reading can do but it makes me a better person and I want to be a better person than I was before. So I decide to read e-books. If you want to align your self to be better, read.

I’m reading Better than Before as of now.

So I read and give time to read. I list books to read for this year and hoping I can finish them because I’m an impulse reader. I start and never finished.

“I read stuff that is entertaining and informative”

Today, most stuff are written that way except scientific journals, school textbooks, manuals and everything that is boring or looks boring, they suck don’t read them!

You’ll end up watching YouTube rather reading a book. Sad

Mark Manson is both entertaining and informative. I know there’s more of them around the corner. I just need to meet them someday. I aspire Mark the way he writes, it freaks the hell out of me.

You can add some points about my post just comment below. I love to hear your feed back. Thanks for reading.