001_There is Always a Reason to Write

There Is always a reason to write…

…to write how you feel

…to write what you have encountered

…to write what you did today

…to write when you need to write

and last, why do you write.

There are a million of reasons, they are like the stars in the night sky and the sands in the beach. I am not a writer but I feel that I am today, I am a writer and there is a reason why I need to write.

I write for them.

Who are they?

They are the people who loves me since I was here on earth

He the One who created me and gave me to my parents

She that I have met way back and college and take my heart away

The strangers I met and became to be my friend.

Writing is powerful, and yet few people only use the true power of what it can do and what it can give to us.

Just find out the reason why you need to write, you’ll just see your self writing and writing until

letters became words,

words became sentences,

sentences became paragraphs

and paragraphs became a book, a journal or a diary.

Until it evolves into a habit.

Today, I commit to write everyday and failing to this commitment is not an option. This is a journey I choose, so for you who still not know the reason to write, seek your why and find there is power in writing.

The tools of a writer are just around, and everyone is a writer and you can be one.

Pen and paper


Smart Phones



Lets make the writing journey an endless outlet of our creative minds, squeeze it a little bit more and you’ll find that there is always a reason to write.





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