002_A New Commitment: My 500 Words

A New Commitment

I never thought that I will love writing even I don’t have something to write but someone push me to do it. Today is a new commitment to follow through and failing to it is not an option.There are no excuses because I have a reason to write.

A commitment is something challenge us for our future, it can make us better or it can do the opposite, to make us something we don’t want to be. Writing a 300 word blog post is hard, and how about a 500 words a day. It’s awesome!

All I need is to write, just write as they say and so do I. Gonna write from the deep of my heart. There will be no “list type” of post writings here, everything will be an “essay type” in approach, in my own tone of voice. Personally I am a shy person, so writing for me is much easier to communicate.

The 500 Words

This is a writing challenge from Goinswriter.com, I am glad that it exist and it’s one of the reason that push me to write and start something to write, so now I write. It was challenge for writers and non-writers to write 500 words a day for 31 days.
Yes that’s 500 words a day for a month, then in the end it’ll be a habit. The habit of writing.

Writers do well in this kind of challenges, but how about the non-writers like me? It’s a new journey for me. I am happy.

Commitment to the 500 Words a Day

For the reader, you are my witness that I commit to write 500 words for the next 31 days. Come, follow me to this journey and if you find that you also want to write, then lets come together. Let us share the words we have inside of us that was so long kept and not seen by the outer world.

Grab your pen and paper or the keyboard of your computer and start now, not tomorrow, now!
Find your reason to write, you have a deep reason inside, once you found that I’ll be the fuel for the fire of your writings. Let it burn!, burn the paper!, burn the keyboard!

Never Ending Beginnings and Endless Endings

Now as I approach to the end of my first post of 500 words, it feels like success yet I’m still on my beginnings. A beginning of my new journey to write, I am a writer and it burns inside of me. This writing process will be endless if I ever stop, I’ll program it to my subconscious mind that I would not missed a day without writing. It can be a journal, a blog post or something what not.

All human being is a writers, few only chose that field. Think the sense why do we need to learn to write at the first place of our lives if we’ll not use it through our lifetime. Use it!

You are a writer, yes you are, commit to it today.


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