003_Goals Exist for a Reason

The 5 Why Factor

Answering a question that starts with “why” can be a challenging question, especially when you set goals or future targets in my technical term. Try to set a goal, write and think it on paper then ask your self “why” for 5 times.
You don’t need to complete the 5 why’s except when you have a concrete reason and purpose for your goal. This give you the root cause of why you have set that goal. Remember that goals have reason behind.

Evolution of the Goal

Goals exist for a reason, they evolve from the question “why” and when answer was finally given, it create a spark that set a fire to start achieving your goal. One of my goals to this blog is to obtain a writing habit though I’m not a writer but I think I am now and for the following years of my life.
Goals that have a concrete reasons and good background of answers from the why factor, needs a plan.

There is a Plan to Exist

This is a best part when you want to achieve a goal, specially if you want to write more. You need to plan the days ahead. For me the best planning is when I read something, I love reading personal development books, blogs, articles. Once I read a nice article or idea, I write it down on my little notepad which I have on my pocket everyday.
Another good planning strategy is using mind map. I never use it before but I think it is effective for brain storming.
In fact, I don’t have a set of plan for this blog. I just want to write and overcome the writer’s block, that would be an awesome achievement for me.

On the Making

Here, the set goals are being actually done or I can say “on the making”. The best example of the “on the making” of goals is this blog post that you have now reading. Implementation needs motivation and commitment, these two elements are important to achieve a goal.
When you have a writing goal, fuel yourself to follow through. The internet today give us lot of resources to write. Stay away from the company of the writer’s block, set in your mind that writer’s block doesn’t exist.

You’re Almost There

You are the words that you have written, they have written down or printed for a reason. They now exist!, yesterday they are just mere dreams but today your eyes are on the words that represent you. Think that your writings is connected to your heart. They also beat once a reader reads what you have written and in this process they connect to you. They hear your voice through the words you have written.

Don’t stop until the last drop of ink from your pen, until your printer crash or you finger get numb from typing. You are almost there, whatever your goals today and if one of them is writing. Don’t forget your “why’s”, don’t stop until those words have breathe from the readers.

Remember again, you write for a reason.


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