004_Writers Time

Early Words for the Morning Writer

If words wake up early, morning writers catches them, I know I’ll never have one because I don’t write in the morning. I’m building a morning routine to read a book then think all day and write before going to bed and an early morning work-out before preparing breakfast and leave home for work.

Another reason I do not write at the morning is, I think a lot while I write and this consumes time. I need to go the office before 8:00 AM, that’s why I am a night writer.
There are still some words left behind for me in the evening, while drinking my cup of coffee. It feels like a morning coffee!

Less Distraction

I know there will be pros and cons about writing time but for me, I dedicate the evening to write. That’s my commitment to this challenge. In the evening, our house have less distraction because mornings here are like fast-food chain though my parents wake up late except for Sundays.

Concentration for the writing time is important, if you write seriously and if your like me, I hate distractions it gets me out of the thinking process.

And if you got distracted and the writer’s block now the way at your doors. Be calm and breathe deep and close the door. Close your room, the windows and the best close your eyes and concentrate again on the writings.

Writer’s High in the Night

Morning writers has a writer’s high all day, to me I have it every night, I’m having dreams as a writer who just write and write and write.
I only have a little time every night to write, so in order to have writer’s high in the night. I write and also did some entry for my journal and taking some notes from the books I have read in the morning.

I don’t use hand written drafts for my blog post but for the other writings I have, I do write them manually. Way back on my school days, of my teachers said that it is better to handwritten everything that you want to memorize or want not to forget. So I applied that on those things, its effective specially when memorizing engineering formulas.

A Shared Memory

Night is beautiful, all you need is get out of your house and watch the sky, the darkness that surround us. For me writing late at night is very helpful, because it gives me a time to think what I have done for the whole day long. I have a diary last year 2009, a handwritten one. All entries there are done in the evening, after school, very late at night and some early mornings if I forgot to do the diary entry in the evening.

I think that morning writers are just like evening writers, they write purposely and passionately according to time that they need to write. Morning writers look ahead of time, and evening writers review the past.

Time is not a problem for a writer who writes anytime and every time.


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