005_Pen and Paper

Pen is a Gold, Paper is the Silver

Give me a pen and paper so I can change the world. I’ll write the perfect words for our imperfect world. Though it’s a struggle for me to change my state being, a pen and paper would be the nice thing for me to start within.

The pen and it’s ink are one of the most powerful weapon here on earth, pen is like a gold not just for writers but for those who need to put those words in print. The paper is his buddy after all these past centuries, they are the perfect combination and no one can’t separate them.

Before the typewriters and computers, pen and paper is important for writers alike. For taking notes, writing ideas, drawings, sketches, and a hundreds of uses. The cost of these two are so cheap, they are only consumables for other but as for me they are not especially the pen.

On my school days, a pen for me is my best-friend in writing anything. It’s an achievement for me once the ink was totally consume. Until today I carry this habit, one pen until the inks end.

Lost and Found

I’m talking about here now my experiences about pens, mostly “ball-pointed pens” that I have use. I know that they are only cheap but I treat them like a gold. Once a pen get lost, it was my duty to find it. Remember that it is my achievement to totally consume it’s ink. When I found it, I do some little celebration and write “I found you”.

I know that I’m a little shallow about my feelings about pens and there is also a time I argue with my brother when he carry my pen to his work.

We did a fight, it’s my ball-pen! and he gave back it to me.

Feeling Every Stroke

If you study some Asian language, I know you’ll feel awkward when you start to write their alphabet. It’ be a different stroke per letter but back in the English language, A to Z is so easy. It’s now more easier to use the typewriters and computers but we miss something.

We miss to feel the every stroke of the letters we write.

Today, handwriting was a forgotten by writers because we prefer what is faster and easier. Try to write a 500 words blog-post in a sheet of paper, then scan it then post it as an image to your blog and now you’ve got a handwritten blog-post.

It’ll take too much time to do that process compare using the power of technology in our hands today. Still it’s our hands do the process of writing, either manual or using the technology.

The Horizons

In the end, pen and paper, typewriters, computers, laptops, tablet PC’s, and smart phones. Their purpose and usage are one for writing. What we think must be put into physical being that can be seen, and we write it.

Pen and paper really change the world. Writers in the past use it and they change us that’s we’re now here writing like them.


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