006_Days of Days

When I Learn to Ride a Bike

My father and my brother sport is cycling, both of them did join some local cycling competitions and it was their influence that I also love the sport.

I learn to ride when I was 5 years old, father bought me a small bike that have a guide wheels in the rear wheel so that it act as the balancer. In that age also I learn to balance the bike. I still remember my first crash when the balancer was gone, though it hurts, I’m so happy with it.

Riding in the bike did not stop because I also joined some cycling race here at our town. On my first race I finished 6th place, on the 2nd race I did not enter the top ten but manage to finish it and the last is when I joined in much older category. I was 14 that time and finished 21st out of 80+ competitors.

When you learn to ride a bike, you’ll be an adventurer. I did some exploring of our forest here because it was accessible for all kind of vehicle. My longest bike ride was riding a 42km travel from our town to our provincial capital and also climbing the Mt. Samat in my teen years.

When I Meet the Guitar

It was August 2003 when I first learn my first chord in my fathers acoustic guitar. It was the bare chord A-Major. Thanks from the chord chart of the song book of my big brother. That was the day I get addicted to the guitar, it was almost every night I did not stop learning all the basic chords. I was a self-learner on guitar since then, and after a month I learn my first song and manage to sing along with it. It was a struggle for me to sing and play the guitar.

To make the long story short, today I am church guitarist. I love playing church song, mostly Contemporary Christian Music and Filipino Christian Song. Don’t ask me for any song to play because I have short memory to the hundred of song I already play. The only one’s that I remember was the last song from last Sunday and some of my favorites.

It was not my dream to be best lead guitarist or a “shredder”, but It was my honor that some church musicians here from other church says that I was a good guitarist. In fact, I’m only a learner about the guitar. If you’re a music lover, or a musician the best that I learned was getting my own “tone” from the instrument. It represent me as a musician and as a being.

For Better Tomorrow

In my college years, my only hope was to finished the 5 years of engineering but when I step on my first job, it was the second year that something open my eyes in the reality of what is life about.

I joined an online MLM company, dreaming for an extra income to support my parents and my brother which is a local pastor. It a challenge for me to support them financially, I struggle until to this day. Though I have a job, but the income is not enough.

The effect of that online MLM company was diverse, I became obsessed reading blog post, online article, online marketing, internet marketing and almost anything that can generate income using the internet.

Then after that was I start reading some personal finance blogs, and it influence me a lot, the I learn I can earn income through blogging, then I joined some Facebook groups about bloggers and online marketers. Then I learned about virtual assistance, freelancing and online jobs.

And last I learned about personal development, due to those things that I have mentioned earlier. I must be a meaningful specific and not to become a wandering generality as Zig Ziglar says. In this point I read some books and listen to some audio programs. I now also save some money (trying my best to save a P1000) so that I can put in a saving account or buy myself another book.

One of the most important day in my life was that I need to invest to myself.


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