007_My Father

I will write a story of a person that influence me strong in all aspect of life. My father. This will be only based on what do I know from him.

Growing Up Hard

He was the second to the eldest siblings of his family, at the young age he already learned how to earn money. He use his talent to earn some extra cash, that talent would be drawing. He loves to draw faces, sketch some old pictures and make moving comics using a pad of paper.

Then one day he fall in love with the guitar, the problem was he doesn’t have money to buy his own acoustic guitar. Though he request this to his mother, his mother only scolds him because it will be only a waste of money.

Life was tough that why he life was so easy for him on the next years of his life.

The Trade School Years

After finishing his high school, he was not enrolled in a college university but they only take him in a 2 year course trade school, which he take the course machine shop technology.

The only machine he only know, when he entered the machine shop was the drill press. Then after two years, he graduated and pursue a career as a machinist.

Early Machine Shop Days and some Karate

He left Pangasinan and work in Manila, there he practice what he have learned for his two years at the trade school. He did meet new friends and court some girls.

Now that he has his own job and source if income, he now bought his own new acoustic guitar, locally made here. He learned karate that make his body so thin that he had a waist line of 24 inch and he could do some splits.

The Ford Years and the ID

After Manila, he went to Bataan to work in Ford Factory Plant were the Export Processing Zone located. Life was normal for he is single then one day, one of his friend gave an ID to him that was a lost ID of a lady factory worker also from the Export Processing Zone.

This time he meet the girl of his lifetime because of that ID.

Family Days and Saudi

Ford close at the Export Processing Zone, and he now building a his new family. This time he decide to go abroad, and those times going Saudi Arabia was trending and he left his family here at the Philippines to earn some more to support financial matters.

He worked in ARAMCO as a machinist and some laboring jobs inside that company. In this years also he accept Christ as his Lord and Savior.

In his Saudi years, the most critical days when he was admit to hospital to take a surgery in his stomach. Due to his love of drinking soft drinks, he became acidic and his intestine became thin and needs an operation.

Last Few Years in Sharjah

He left ARAMCO and work in United Arab Emirates at Sharjah. He still work as a machinist in a local shipyard. Here his Christian life grew more, he attend in a church were all are also Filipinos.

It was almost 20 years that he was abroad and the support that he gave to us is priceless. He manage to fund the building of our house, bought house appliances, and almost the needs of our family. He first left Philippines between 1975 and 1980, he did some vacations here with us every year and sometimes two years. Finally he retired in year 2002, my big brother already finished college at I was first year of my high school that time.

Life After 50 and 60

Father love to play guitar
Listen to music specifically country music, he love Neil Young and Freddie Aguilar
Love to ride a bike and he has more mileage than me, he always ride everyday
Today he maintain his health, he have some medical books and when doctors prescribe medicines for him, he will ask medicines that was more than the knowledge of the doctor.

The most important thing that matter to him is his faith to Jesus. He was a notable man of God, God know this.

I love my father and this is his short story to I share to the world.


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