008_Future Child

This writing consists of some of my advice for you which base on my 24 years of existence here on earth. I don’t know what age are you now as you read this but I hope and expect that you’ll carry some of my thoughts which are written here. May God Bless you always and trust Him more in all the number of your days.

Set Goals

When I was in my high school and college years, I don’t have a plan in life or a goal to achieve except to be a better guitar player. We grow old and we must grow up also, this two things are different. Growing old in age, our body weakens as it grow old but if you grow up in all the aspects of life growing old will not be a problem.

You must have goals, the younger you are when you learn and set the goals that you want to have for the future, you’ll accomplish more than what I have today. I know setting goals are important but I only applied that when I start my first job, so while you are young and aspiring.

Write down your dreams and put some dates on them when you want to achieve them.

If you’re now a student set goals as a student ,primarily your number one goals is to finish your studies and graduate on time. Prioritize study, play and relationships and talking about relationships. Set this aside or if you want to pursue a commitment, first is ask yourself before entering this kind of relationship. I want you to be mature and don’t play in relationships specially romantic relationships.

Your relationship with God must be first while you are doing your studies. I recommend to you to read personal development books and I don’t know if you love reading books, please grab one and let it start your journey for your better tomorrow.

If you’re now in a job as you read this, you must set goals today after reading this. I want you not to be like me. Having a job gives you a financial security, do you have your savings? if your answer is yes, that would be good and if not, open a saving account to the nearest bank and start saving for your future.

Life is tough, and setting goals is also tough at the first place but afterwards the rewards will be astonishing. Life will be easier to you, just do what you need to do and ask God guidance in all things that you do. His guidance is our light to our path in this life.

Study goal setting and improve your life as soon as possible.

Be Positive Always

I don’t want you to be a negative person, because I am and it is hard life being a negative person shifting to a positive one. Why I am saying this?, life is only live once so live positively and don’t waste time on thinking negatively, asking disempowering questions and thinking the problems always. Your energy must be only focused on positive things and be carefull on your words and thinking. God created us to be like Him, He is never negative, so why do you need to be negative anyway?

Read your Bible and study them, read books listen to some well-known speakers and turn-off your television. I want you to be better than me.


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