009_ Habits List

Glad to be back on writing, I take a rest writing on Sundays. I dedicate it as my rest day on writing.

Here is the list of habits I want to or I must acquire or achieve for the month of May. These are the goals which I wrote from my journal. I have a lot of list written specially those I want to buy like books and music related things. So here I go!

1. Write Consistently

The greatest achievement of a non-writer who dreams to be a writer is to write. Writing consistently, it can be daily, weekly, every other day or monthly. Consistency is the keyword. I know that I not a good writer, but I’m willing to do my best. If you are writer who read my blog, I hope you can mentor me. I’m looking for one.

2. Read at least 30 Minutes a Day

I learned this from Success Magazine publisher Mr. Darren Hardy. Before I heard this approach, I already read some books which I’m doing is a chapter per day. I try the 30 minutes per day, I do it 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before going to bed.

3. Physical Workout

The schedule I’ve plan for this is every 5:00 of the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. currently I’m applying the 7 minute workout method and I’m happy to survive one cycle of the program.

4. Save a Peso a Day

Financially, I’m in debt and I not happy with it. This is my way to discipline myself to save little before saving bigger amounts. Though I can save more than a Peso, I just chose a Peso is more realistic for my situation.

5. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

This is the hardest goal in my list this month. Due to health issues I must achieve this if else, my health is on the line. I only have little time for love ones, so my time for myself was late at night or early in the morning. The problem in the morning is, I’m the one in-charge in the kitchen. It’s a hard life but I can face it.

5. Thinking Positive

I’ve written an article about this from my other blog, why do we need to think negatively. It’ be a waste of energy thinking negatively. The only solution for this is to think positive things and ask positive questions. We are here on earth to live with a purpose in mind, and we are not created to pull everyone down to earth.

6. Listen to Audiobooks/Programs at least 30 Minutes a Day

Another habit that came from Darren Hardy. Instead listening to music when walking, in the middle of the traffic or doing things that my ear is free, I listen to audio books. Some of the audio programs that I already listened was Success Strategies by Jim Rohn and Personal Power by Anthony Robbins.

7. Stop Bad Habits

I have some habits that I analyze and I hate them. These are some bad habits of easily getting angry and frustrated on what I do, specially at my job which I don’t like.

Points System

These goals I have for the month of May have points system. 1 to 6 has positive points, except the 7th which have a negative points which once I’ve done bad it reduce everything in the list.

If take a glance in my list, it’s all about personal development. This is my list this month for myself and I hope it’ll help you also to your personal improvement in life.


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