010_Learn to Learn

Today I’m going to teach you how to learn. No one teach us how to learn except if we are being scold by our parents, teachers or someone powerful than us. We also learn from our past experiences, it can be failures or disappointments and it can be also from our successes.

You must learn to learn things that will add value to yourself and learn to unlearn those things that pull you down. I have been a teacher and trainer of  playing basic guitar course in our church and basic 3D CAD using Solid Works. When I teach, I want them to learn things out from what I say and start from it.

Learning is a continuous line that is parallel to our life, we don’t stop learning. You can say that you already finished your school days but learning outside the schools and universities are much bigger and challenging.

There are no assignments and projects, no deadlines and no teachers to guide us. Life is the biggest university exist, and it’s upon to you if you’ll commit to learn or not.

When a person stop learning after graduating college and start working in a job, the learning curve of the person declines. Why? because learning was stop. Specially for those jobs that don’t need trainings or educational seminars.

You must learn to learn because it’ll be your sword for the future against the people who put you down, it will be your source of income and it will define you who and what you are here on earth.

Learn the things that you want to excel from, if you want to write more than 500 words a day, join the 500 words challenge. If you want to learn to play guitar, buy instructional books and DVDs, be curious in everything and think like a child.

Talking about learn to unlearn, this is also a good habit. Unlearn bad thing from your life, like myself I learning not to drink too much coffee and not to think negatively. Unlearning make us a better person, it’s like throwing away all the garbage from yourself.

Loving the process of learning is exciting, think your first day of your school and the graduation days.

Be consistent in your learning development and do not let the motivation get out from you. You have also reasons why you need to learn things, this reasons give energy for you to learn fast and effectively. Even you don’t understand at all the reasons behind will kick you in, in the  learning process.

This is like what I am doing now, I write for a reason, for my family. I want to learn writing and earn from it in the near future, so I can help my parents financially. Learning that have deep reasons are like digging for the golds for your life, so don’t stop learning and those people who loves to learn, teach and those persons who teaches learn and the cycle never ends.

Learn to learn.


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