011_Writer Search for Voice

Writers Voice

All writers have different voice, it is like the way they speak the words verbally. Some writers are good speakers in front of the public and some are not, and I am belong to the later. My voice is weak in-front of the public because I’m shy in person, you will curse me when you meet me. I will not do an eye contact to you or approach you. In short I’m a little bit introverted person and my voice is still out-of-bounds.

I am a man search for voice in my writing, I think the best way to search that voice is to do write and thanks to this challenge. Little by little I’m finding my voice somewhere here in my room, under the shade of my lamp in the middle of night. There is no frustration for me in the process of writing, I just want to let it all out what I need to say. I don’t care about the grammar and sentence structures.

Without the writers voice in his writing, the reader will be blind and deaf as he read the words.  Words is our tools and it’s our voice that make the difference.


If I can only search my voice in Google, my writing would be excellent and SEO optimize. Content is the king but the kingdom doesn’t only have a king. Searching for my voice is challenging, as a Filipino, yes it is not a struggle for me to write English for me it’s awesome!

Reading books could also help us writers to find our voice. As we read some books, it can be fiction or non-fiction, reading the words from the books can create an inner voice to us even the voice of writer of the book heared by our ears. Writers are readers and vice verse.

The Search is Over

The only way to complete the search of our voice is to write, as we go writing words will just come up to us. Tell a story, a tip or something helpful for the reader. Entertain, inform or educate the readers with your own voice.

The search will be over, if you will be consistent in your writing. Think that you’re writing a love letter for your parents, for your love ones. Copying some writers voice will only effect that you only copy someone approach and not applying your own idea in writing. Your voice is unique so use it to contribute it to the readers. Our voice can be weak in person but our voice thru the words in our writing is powerful. It represents your inner self, that your are really better than what other people think about you.

Do not stop until you find out your own voice, as for the closing of my writing for today, I can say that this is my own voice, this the way I write English, though I am Filipino. I proud of  it, proud that I already find my own voice in writing.


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