012_Here Again


My mind was locked after the days that I am not writing. So tonight my mind was once again unlock in the sense that I’m only writing what I feel. It release me from the boredom of thinking my problems. It’s already June and heavy rains are yet to come and our house will be melted by it.

A Little Sharing

Do you want to share my problem with you? It’s up to me. Here I go, I already said it, it’s about our house, because it’s too old and no repairs was done since 1978, the roof is now ready to fall down to our heads inside our house. But to me it already fall down.

It is a pressure to me to this obligation, to repair our house, and it’s not just a pain in the ass but in my mind. I’m only earning enough to support my parents and our food and my internet connection and to pay some bills. Saving money is battle to me, that’s why I don’t eat at break times, only in the lunch break. Walk a few kilometers to lessen the payment in my home bound fare.

Life is hard, I’m 24 and I can say that, specially when you live here in the Philippines but I don’t blame anyone. This is my responsibility.

So What?

Thanks for the reading of my little sharing above, I appreciate it. So what now?, what is my story to tell?

I never had a story in my mind except my life. My life full of blessing and I thanks God about it and also for the problems I have, I thank for it. It is a challenge for me to live like this. Having an attitude of gratitude is the best way to make a hard life easy. I learned that I must be happy with the things I already have or acquired. Thanks to the books I have read.

What If…

Part of my work is automation programming where we programs some machines, so they move according to what hey must do. Though I am not an expert in that field and I’m still under training of some basic. What if there’s a command “what if”?

Common commands are “and”, “or”, and “if”, what if there is “what if”. I always laugh when I joke with my office mate to encode the “what if” command.

What if I don’t write anymore, my English will be bad so I need again to practice it.


I never love Perth, I don’t even know there is place named Perth in Australia, but I dream to be there someday in 2015. I already work in my plans way back 2013, and some countermeasure is not enough to solve the problem due to no one really help and I don’t ask for help.

Going out of my comfort zone is only the solution. I’m back to write again non sense things. I hope some one teach me to write SEO articles, but I love the way I write.

Love ko’to


One thought on “012_Here Again

  1. I’m glad you are writing too! Keep going……..

    I’m also really happy that you know the power of gratitude and that you are taking that attitude on. It really makes a difference.

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