Motivated to write again here in this site. My reasons fade away afterwards, thinking that I’m not a better writer at all. I just love writing the words that I want to say, that would be all.

The last couple of months was a busy time for a normal working guy like me. Project is alive and kicking around my face and I hate it but I don’t really hate my job.

Life is full of challenge specially when you are born in family with things are enough and just dream for those things that you wanted. Someday you’ll acquire it if you move toward it, but moving toward it is almost impossible here. Unless you do a miracle or hit a jackpot in the lotto.

The guys from my family are great example, but we are happy on what we have today. Father dreamed to be an “architect” but he turns out to be a “machinist”. He is from a family consist of 7  child, he is second to the eldest and he is only the graduate of a 2-year vocational course.

Yet, father is proud on his profession because he used it for more than 20 years, and I am thankful because I’m one who will taste the fruit of his labor.

My elder brother (we are only 2 guys), he is a writer, became a chief editor of a school newsletter and write articles when he was a student. He is now a medical technologist, the laboratory is a different place, he write laboratory results. He wanted to be a journalist. He is a better writer than me. I copied some of his research paper when I was in high school and my teacher loves it and gave me high grades.

The next guy is me, yes, the trying hard wannabe writer. Although my grammar and spelling is not that good, I don’t care at all.
I have 2 wants, to be an architect also ( I love drawing before) and musician (taking a music course) but in the end I am an engineer today, electronics major.

Still, I fulfill being a musician in a church every Sunday as guitar player. Studied music (focus on guitar) for almost 8 years as of now and still sounds like a newbie and I can’t play really fast line. I am also a trying hard shredder.

In life we need to be motivate our selves to move forward, and I think, one way is writing it and if someone read it. I will be thankful to share weird stories about life.

I guess I’d break my pattern from the last entries I have done, I already forget it. This writing is a release of stress for me. The keyboard already suffers and burning. The grammar also suffers.

Hey, please comment below, I will be thankful for those who want to talk to me, if you want to…

P.S.  Thanks again for reading. Kamsahamnida.


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