014_My Manifesto

Answer to the questions of Brendon Burchard’s My Manifesto Activity

1. What will I no longer accept in my life?

I will no longer accept frustration and sadness enter to my life. Being a serious guy, I am always look at things seriously even for those things that must have fun but I look at it in a different way. In the end it makes me sad and disappointed and sometimes it creates misunderstanding with other people.

In the part of the frustration, there is always a positive side of the problems, I already know that but I always claim myself to be frustrated and hate a certain situation. This create a heavy burden in my part, being frustrated even though it must be not.

2. What should life really be like for me?

Life must be fun and enjoyable not just for myself but also with others, specially with your love ones.

I love playing guitars and making music with it. Having a life with music is great, even I am not a music artist. Sharing my music with others and teaching others with the instrument is the best that I will do.

3. What am I committed to making happen in order to create my ideal life?

I commit to share what I love to do and that is sharing my accounts how to motivate myself as a frustrated musician. I am not that good but I know I can play. Best and known musicians are known for their skills, they have also their frustration but they don’t share it all.

In the back stage, there are a lot of wannabes and trying hard guys that want to accomplish a small step to be something in their life. Musicians are like athletes. They give what they can give, and they do their best to accomplish something. A concert, a song, a recording session or just a simple jam.


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