Perfect Happiness

What is my idea about perfect happiness?

1. It’s an equal distribution between you and the people that surrounds you. I can say that this is perfect because everyone is happy. It’s like a pie that is divided equally for everyone. My point here is the happiness that we have and what does it influence to the people that surrounds us. If I want to be happy at home, I also want that my whole family would be happy. Sharing happiness is hard at first but if you let your heart and love flow to others, it will transcend to them.

2. It’s about contentment. Nowadays people are not content on what they have, one good example is the Google Play Market. There are many free apps out there, and if you read some comments, you’ll see some negative ones and some praise for the developer, but lets just focus in the negative ones. Some of them are not content (not happy) in the app they have, so they’ll just give a bad review and put a 1 star in the review page. If you are perfectly happy, be content.

3. Peace is equal to perfect happiness unless you don’t have peace of mind. This is something I love today, having peace for myself and happy with it. Meditation helps me to have a peace of mind and the result is it makes me smile. Though the stress from the workplace is there, having this kind of peace creates happiness doing my stressful job.

4. Giving. Don’t hoard yourself to others. Good example is giving our love to our special someones, now that Christmas is coming, why not give love in Christmas Day?

5. Being grateful. I love the these words from the books that I’m currently read, it says “every moment is a unique/special moment”. Perfect happiness is alive in us as we breathe in and breathe out. If you think that you’re not totally happy about you life, it’s like stopping your breathing and everything will end in disaster.

Thanks for the prompt that I have about this writing idea and also thanks for reading my post after a long break. Have a nice day.


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