A Quite Struggle

I’m back again in writing, and it’s a quite struggle before I came in this post.

I always love to write but the problem is always when I’m starting is my mind goes totally black out of ideas. That’s why I’m practicing to write in my journal weekly, not daily because of the new job I have now. There was a lot of overtime but I’m happy working, because it’s my new job.


I did not leave this blog and I didn’t also quit it, there is always a reason to write. That is the slogan of this blog that I have started way back 2014. As of now I challenge myself to write again as a part of my personal change. I’m reading Leo Babauta Zen Habits book (the first one) and I commit myself to write somehow in any media that is on hand.

I don’t have my own Internet connection, and thanks for the paid WiFi of my land lady. It’s now part of my slow change or I can say “slow and quite change”

Another part of the quite, is my new job here in Pasig City, it is 4 hours of bus trip from my lovely town of Mariveles (not lovely at all). January 2016 was another start of mine since January 2012 (my 1st job). This is my 2nd job, away from my love ones so I can earn some money to repair our house.


Before I leave my first job, the last quarter of 2015 is war of art in my former office. But in the end I won and I cherished it up until to this day. And as for my second and current job, I’m still searching myself where I can put myself in the “can”.

I’m already capable of living with other people, and I’m blessed that we have a mature family guy in the room always starting good topics like religion and politics. His opinions is somehow favorable but I’m with him specially for what Manny Pacquiao commented. That’s a real struggle for Manny.

It is a quite struggle but I’m loving the process and hoping for a nice end of it.

Note: I will not put numbers on my future post.




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