What Does It Feel?

by da_innocence

What does it feel if I’m in control of the time? 

Not the time that was mine but the time that others have.

What does it feel to be someone you always wanted to be in the fastest time being?

I don’t need a time machine for this. I just want to be that someone,

I always wanted to.

What does it feel to write this?, but I don’t feel like I want to write because of the writer’s block or the lack of time that I have struggled throughout the whole day.

Stress, someone to call, someone to e-mail or a forgotten item from nowhere.

I don’t want to write from my fantasy, I want to write from my reality that I hate all things that block me from what I want to do.

I feel like I don’t have all the freedom here.

I want all the concentration on these things, putting every words in this rather that my mouth throwing these words.

What does it feel to release all the pain here today, the pain that accumulate inside of me.

I feel like, I’m lost in space, lost in words, gone in reality.

Satisfying myself to be me.


Note: Originally written last February 23, 2016