For Her

There a few pretty ladies, but they aren’t pretty at all.

There also few pretty men but I think I’m the prettiest of them all.


Then I met this wonderful lady, in a summer camp.

I ignored her those time, but she remembered me well.


It all start with a lunch box of spaghetti, where the love begun.

I stare at her, and she stare at me too.

Time begins to slowdown, like a moonwalk but we are in the park.


My love for her was developed in a dark room, yes! those dark days of ours.

Now that we are on our 7 years and 1 month.

Cherished the love we had and will be have in the future.


For her, my love is like that spaghetti.

I never remember the taste.

Though there are changes in place.

I will always love that face.






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