Keeping It Minimal

Fascinated again by some blogs and websites around the Internet, but I want to keep it minimal.

Take some minimum inspiration from them, so that I can write also some minimum words.

I’m currently reading the first Zen Habit book of Leo Babauta and following the habit program on the book.

Not just reading it, but putting the habit in action.

I’m now in action.

Minimal action, I guess.

Few words to say, I hope someone can understand what I mean.

This is the habit I commit, to write myself here.

A change I always dreamed of, or just one of those dream that I have.

This will be just minimal, one change at a time then I’ll add one after another.

But I need some trigger if I’m ready to start the next one.

What would be it?

When will be it?

I’m excited, but I must remember that I must keep everything in minimal.

I’m becoming the minimalist.

This will be difficult, but I know somehow it will worth the pain.

This will be long, I think.

I’ll give it a try, or else I’m a failure.

Yet, I’ll keep everything in minimal.


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