Searching For Reasons

I’m passionate about writing.

The only problem was I don’t have something to write about. The only thing on my mind was I want to inspire someone who will read what I did or I just want to write myself in words.

This could be a journal or an essay, I’m now searching for a reasons what I’m doing this.

As a church musician for almost 13 years, I also did some song writing and some poems way back on my high school days. That was my first step of my writing habits.

When I was inspired I’ll get a pen and a paper and write something from the bottom of my heart. Then create a tune with my guitar.

In my college years, I try this diary or journal stuff which I do reflect what I did in a day. It was on 2008 when I did this and I enjoy the process of writing and when I read that journal, I just laugh for who I am those times.

Now, I’m passionate to write and inspire someone who is not inspired at all because I’m also not inspired from the first time I’m doing this.

I want to cultivate this passion, as I learn to grow as man, as person, and contribute what I have on hand to other people.

This is my reason why I write. I’m regaining my writing power, I don’t care if something is wrong in my English, it’s not my native language, just correct me if I’m wrong.

I titled the blog “writing for them” because the “them” is my love ones and I dedicate this blog to them.

Now it is change, “them” is now everyone who will read my words and I’m so thankful for the internet that we can share our words to the world.

I want to contribute meaningful words for them and for you.



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