Another Sunday Morning Run

Run like a prisoner

A Short History

When I was young my father taught me to ride a bike. I learned it, and also grow up with it and became also my first sport same with him and my brother.

As of now they still ride and join some race, mostly mountain bike race. I also race when I was in my high schools days, when college and work years started I rode quietly sometimes.

Man Search for Physical Exercise

I try dumbbells, kettle bells, agility ladder, calisthenics, HIIT, except lifting heavy weights. I pass out every time, dreaming to have some meat on my thin body. I’m prone to sickness, so my father encourage me to have a physical exercise and I’m searching for it now that I’m far from home.

I don’t want to own things that occupy a big space in my small boarding house. Then I found my running shoes I bought last 2014 December.

Now I Run

Today was my 7th run, thanks for the Nike+ Run App that I always show up even the schedule is move by me.

This is one of the habit I’m forming this year, though I don’t have a goal to run a marathon or to loss weight but maybe in the next months the later would be the goal. I’m already accumulating belly fats and I hate it.

Benefits of Running

For my own perspective, my body wakes up when I run. My motivation was “run like a prisoner”, do they warm up or fancy stretching when they escape? No. I do some fast walk then jog then run depends on the run schedule given by the Nike+ Run App.

Every step is a step of freedom from
– getting sick
– work related stress
– gaining weight

For me, running makes me
– stronger
– wake my body
– think that I need to control eating more (fast food)
– appreciate life more

Those are just some cons and pros from my part to share. Running is good and you can give it a try. When you run think like a prisoner in a escape, every step is has a reason and purpose.


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