Monthly Reflection: January 2017

Writing these days are difficult for me. Time is the enemy and also the resources I need, though I still fight somehow and inspire myself (thanks to that book Writers Doubt). I still do have some drafts here in my laptop but “writing habit” is still not on my list.

People Grow Like Trees

I decide to write my monthly reflection here in this blog, hoping I can inspire some people who’ll read this. My daily journal was written on an app, and my weekly journal is on a notebook.

Last December after reading Leo Babauta’s book The Habit Guide, I started my first habit and it was Bible Reading and on the side is the journal writing. I’m happy with it and I insist myself to it. I’m already growing old and I also want to grow up in my Christian life.

Journal writing was part of my life since my college days, but I stop when I start working. Then it came to my mind that I don’t want a day to take for it granted.

You wake up, go to work and after the whole day you sleep. If there some available time, you spend it with family, friends, exercise or eat a lot of junk food while watching T.V.

I’m 27 and I must do something remarkable for me and for others while I can.

The Fuel

I am an aspiring blogger and writer. Some know bloggers are my inspiration like Leo Babauta, and then it came Goins Writer, Positive Writer and also The Minimalists.

I wanted to be like them. So I start small.

Another source of inspiration was my love ones, that’s why I named this “Writing for Them“.

If people want to change, they are not just doing it for themselves, there are people involve on it. You can read more about that on Zen Habits. I want to be something for my love one and for the people who surround me though it can be difficult. Change is difficult, that’s why fuel needs to be burned and vehicles move forward.

The Reflection

The Memorable Part of the Month?

There are many memorable parts of January 2017, from New Year up to the final day. The most memorable were the tracking of my habits. It was difficult from a day-to-day basis and I need to adjust sometimes. After the Bible Reading, I started reading Purpose Driven Life. Now that I’m on day 32 of that book and for this month I added brushing my teeth 3x a day.

3 Great Lessons I’ve learned from the past month

  1. Be patient in all things. I’m not totally blessed to have good stuff around me but I still thank God that I have enough of them and I have them rather that have nothing at all. Slow laptop, slow and expensive Internet connection.
  2. One habit at a time. I’m excited to change something in my life, I get excited and list them all but I embrace the lesson that 1 habit at a time. I still try to put the writing habit a day but I’m still not ready again. All I need to do is to prepare for it.
  3. Don’t spend a day for granted, cherish it. This is the purpose of the journal writing I started last December. We only have 1 lifetime to live and we must cherish everything about it. I realized this when I got so busy at work and forgot to brush my teeth after lunch and sometimes when having breakfast at my office table and got so busy, my morning coffee already got cold.

3 Things I’m Most Grateful

  1. I thank God for this life and for the job He gave to me.
  2. For the love of my life which always there.
  3. My family who always cooked me good food when I’m home.


  • 1-year subscription to Evernote Premium. I’m a fan of note taking.
  • 1-year subscription of Blinkist, now I read even when I walk.
  • Started reading thru Kindle app. The reading habit was built-in on me, no need for tracking. This where I read Writers Doubt.
  • I’ve joined an online course about simple living.
  • I’ve run 9 times, thanks, Nike+ Running app.
  • Consistent with going to church every Sunday. (I’m starting small, I miss playing guitar at church)
  • Ate at BonChon!


  • Can’t wake up at 6 am!
  • Not consistent in writing every day. I know it but I take notes and ideas.
  • I started a self-hosting blog but my funds are not enough. It is, I’m still looking for a web hosting site which fit my budget.
  • I’m short financially this January.

For the Next Month (I’ll just list 3)

  1. Wake up early
  2. Write for 15 minutes
  3. Budget my money

This monthly reflection will be my guide as I write my quarterly reflection. Though I still not have my 2017 goals in final writing. They are in my notebook and they are still on draft plan. I’m not afraid of failing them. I want to start small about it, be consistent and also realistic in my situation in my life. I do have some struggle in the back of these things from simplest of not having a good Internet connection up to not having a time writing or writing but not having enough sleep then I’ll have a headache all day long.

I’m excited doing stuff like this, sharing them with others.




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