Reflection – February 2017

I keep my writing habit with me (in my notebook and phone), but posting a blog post is a different story. I embrace starting small posting my monthly reflections online.

The Reflection

The Memorable Part of the Month

Waking up early and eating breakfast together with her. It’s a challenge but the benefits are awesome. I’m early also at work and I can out from work early then I can do stuff like reading book, exercise or have some nap.

Three Great Lessons I’ve Learned this Month

  •  I’m not busy, I am focused – I get these from The Minimalists blog post. I love the idea that if you’re not busy then what? then the word “focus” enters. The past month which I read some productivity blinks at Blinkist. I learned that focus is important. One task at a time and put your full attention to it. It’s almost the same with the 5 Love Languages “quality time” that can be applied to work. To love your work focus, then you’ll have a good time doing it rather than drowning from being busy and wasting time, in the end, there’s no work done.
  • Priority – My job is time bound and full of target dates of projects. I’m still learning this thing and also in my life. It was a stress day when I don’t know what to prioritize, so I learned some lessons as some things got late.
  • Less Than Perfect – I’ve read this from the Blink of the book “Manage Your Day to Day“. If we aim to perfect, that would be a struggle. Like me, if I aim to exercise 3x/week to lose my belly fat I’ll pass out and quit. So I aim to do it 1x/week, I know I’ll have that flat abs again.

My guess is that you’ll find you produce far more work and far better work with much less stress by aiming for the less-than-perfect.  Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Three Things I’m Most Grateful

  • I thank God for the talent He had given to me. I’m an “art” guy who quits drawing because I struggle and plays guitar and dreamed of being a virtuoso yet I also struggle but the struggle never stops me. If art is everywhere, it’s like a message from God that “hey you, do some art of yours and I’m waiting for it”. It was a clear message to pursue what I have. Talent is the last resort.
  •  For the people who give me the inspiration to do art like writing and playing music except dancing.
  • My love ones.

The Three Wins

  • Finished 2 books in audiobook format. The Total Money Makeover and The 5 Love Languages
  • I’ve kept some for the rainy days, hoping not to touch it
  • Another purchase bought the Bullet Journal by Leuchtturm 1917 which I planned to have by February

The Three Losses

  • I do have less run compare to January. Only 3 runs and 1 bodyweight work out which I focus on my belly
  • I’m still thinking about the blog I started if I really need it, didn’t find a web host for it
  • Not consistent on writing every day

Last Month Goal Review

  • Waking up early was achieved in the last week
  • Writing for 15 minutes, I did try to write for 5 minutes. I don’t care about the word count
  • I already start a budget and it’s a war against spending

For this Month

  • Exercise (abdominal focus) minimum of 1/week
  • Continue the writing habit
  • Save some more for this month

Life is a struggle and we must win it. I can do everything with the help of Christ who gave me strength that I need.


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