Mr. Dowel

Who is this guy?

Its a mechanical stuff. A cylinder rod. Standards like DIN #7 in Germany. The ISO and the JIS (Japan) has different code. In the end it’s the same cylindrical guy.

What is his job?

It aligns other things so they won’t f_ck up when they’re use altogether.

If this guy is not aligned in the first place. Welcome to hell.

Many reasons to tell why he didn’t do his job well, but nobody’s perfect after all.

Can you Relate?

It depends on your perception, are you a dowel pin or not?

Someone to align on? English is hard again

Are you aligned in the first place?

Or giving hell out of others?

Cheers about who you are…

Taking it Out

A not aligned dowel is a curse. A pain in the body, mind, soul and up to the bone marrows. It can cause cancer to the society. Just ask any engineering guy who know Mr. Dowel.

Everyone has a unique story.

If he is in good terms. Life is easy.

Don’t forget, the process was not.

I’ve been there in the literal world of Mr. Dowel.

Sometimes heaven, sometimes hell.


For The Love of Something…like Coffee

A Good Title

The best friend of good writing is having a cup of scorching and blazing hot coffee beside you. Sizzling? maybe next time.

Unless someone is pointing a gun to you to freaking write about caffeine drink.

Not good.

Coffee is Life

Embrace this on my last years of college when I met her. It’s also a household stuff that everyone put in there body every morning.

So I decide. Is this cool?

Yeah, it was!

Farewell Milo, but Ovaltine is

College days are over, farewell Milo but I don’t hate you. Yet the other guy in orange was better without sugar coating on its liquid. Tons of vitamins too.

If I find time, I meet with them at home.

Everything Instant

Embracing the caffeine fueled drink here when everything is instant. You got the original, the brown one, the black one, the green one, the multi-colored one, etc.

Different brands. A whole of lot variety.

Just choose what my pocket feels to taste.

That’s it.

Love that drink….

Stare at My Back

My first attempt to break in their counter when I stepped in the city.

It’s glamorous. I feel like an elite citizen of the human and alien race.

But I failed. Forgot to put sugar to that bittered brewed caffeine fueled drink.

TBH: I sweat a lot that time and nervous…first time.

In the end, I did master the cappuccino and that bread, forgot it but it’s a bread.

24-Hours City Blends

They start providing their own brand of caffeine last 2015 in the local market. They have 4 flavors:
– Brewed Caffeine
– Mocha Caffeine
– Franz Vanilla
– Hershey Chocolate?

Serve in 3 size (small, medium and large). If want enough pick small, the medium one is good for sharing for 2. Not 3 but 2, no third-party. The large one, get ready to die early with that one.

Available 24 hours in selected stores. Why did I say selected? There’s no caffeine machine in the branch at my hometown. Poor branch.

The taste?

Just come to your nearest store.

You See? See!

The Japanese provide caffeine powered drinks in can. I did try to taste this chaos in my mouth but my pocket bleeds. Too much for a working class guy like me. It’s already or almost half of my daily wage.

Mr. C. Bean and a Leaf

Never been step here but the thing is, his just around the block. Someday I will taste him. lot of laughs….

The Caffeine Hunt

A coffee addict hunts for a good caffeine drink that is good and also good for the budget. If the price is right then it’s profitable for my taste.

Known here are the Batangasala eh” (with Batangas Province accent) coffee and the Benguet Province coffee. They have different variety from solid hard rock to the softest taste feel like heaven.

I love stuffing myself the Benguet ones, why? we had a lot at home!


Disregarding Joy

Opening Scene

It’s a fact of life that you will become happy, what if not? what if you never know the word and the feeling. Do even trees became happy? I think even they know the word, we humans assume they feel it.

Think of tree in the midst of a field surrounded by a sea of green grass.
The sun shines above and the winds breeze like there’s no tomorrow.

Then a war starts. The tree was blasted by a nuclear bomb by Mr. Kim of North Korea.

Nice story.

I’m Trying

The story of that tree was good but I was not.

Joy. It’s a brand of dish washing liquid promoted by Bitoy here in my mother land. The Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines! I, thank you.

Just do your search in Mr. Google.

Back to the topic. Ah, joy…

You feel it when you are in the extreme level of your happiness. The feeling is so strong that you can even say to your self that after eating that egg of endangered eagle you can die now. Love this.

Writing in English hard.

It’s your choice to be happy or not. Same as being angry or not. If someone spills a hot cappuccino in your left side of your face, why not try also the other side. That’s life.


I have nothing to write.

You must think I am crazy or the gods are crazy, that I am writing like this and you still keep reading. Now that I am on the end.

I have one request.

After reading this.

Jump 10x then shout “this is it!

Thank you for reading my friend.